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Welcome, I’m Jan Yoxall and I am delighted you have chosen to visit my website. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the Sacred Light Series of Angel Meditation CDs plus information about my forthcoming workshops and schedule. If you have time, why not make yourself a cup of tea and drop into my blogsite at the Medicine Bowl Café.

My purpose in this life, as communicated to me so clearly by connecting with dolphin energy in the warm waters of the Caribbean, is to lead people into their hearts, using a combination of the techniques I have learned during my years as a practicing therapist – deep relaxation, guided visualizations, forgiveness and compassion all play a part in raising our vibration so that we can connect with the Angelic Realms and live our lives in a more heart-centred way. When we do this we find that the most inspiring people enter into our lives at just the right time, life becomes magical and new doors open allowing us to achieve our full potential. 

You have heard about the Laws of Attraction, I invite you now to put this into practice and place the following DreamBoard Genesis Affirmation© at the end of all your emails. You will be amazed at the results! Better still, why not join me on a workshop and make your own DreamBoard.

DreamBoard Genesis Affirmation©
Through Grace, inspired and influential people are
coming into my life.
New doors are opening daily, providing me with
opportunities to achieve my true potential.
I am grateful for the abundance which flows constantly to me now.